The Nature of The Beast

NatureOfTheBeast_cover“When you have shuddered your way through this book, you will have a better understanding of what Evil Incarnate means. Burton Hersh digs into the deepest recesses of the clandestine world to write a thoroughly exgrossing tale of mischief making of a high order.”
— Daniel Schorr, Senior Political Analyst for NPR

You have truly captured the dark world of intrigue and crafted a splendid plot. I envy your mastery of the novel and only wish I coiuld do as well….
— John Waller, Writer; ex Inspector-General, Central Intelligence Agency

This is a profoundly disturbing political thriller, revealing the hidden forces that run our country and govern our lives….a cluster-bomb of a book.
Ted Morgan, Pulitzer Prizewinner

Winner, Trade Fiction. Writers Notes Prize, 2003

$20.42 Hardcover
$16.16 Paperback


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