Tree Farm Books - The Old Boys

Scholars' and Writers' Edition
An interactive PDF version available on CD-ROM or as an eMail download. Perfect for researchers.

Researcher-friendly. Fully navigable.
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  • Split-screen layout.
  • Hyperlinked footnotes.
  • View pages side by side.
  • Find function.
  • Complete interactive index.
  • Copy/paste for your notes and papers.
  • Print any combination of pages.
  • View page size up to 1600% with perfect type.
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Split-screen view of the navigation bar and text

The left column contains a clickable table of contents, quick links to footnotes, quick links to all the photographs, and a fully interactive index. It is collapsible. The right panel contains the text, with each footnote number reciprocally linked to its text. View text at magnification sizes up to 1600%.
View size up to 1600%

Hyperlinked footnotes


By clicking the superior footnotes numbers in the text the reader jumps to the full footnote.


Click on the footnote number after reading it to be returned to your previous place in the text.

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