HedgeFund_CoverThe Hedge Fund

“It’s got the Hershian polish and panache and deep knowledge of the 20th century….” Thomas Powers, Pulitzer prizewinner, author of The Man Who Kept The Secrets and Heisinger’s War

“I finally got The Hedge Fund read. Liked it a lot.”
–Liz Smith

“…compelling. I very much admired the way you opened up your central tropes: Hedgefund and Family.”
–David Kranes, novelist, dramatist, Director Emeritus of the Sundance Playwrights Workshop

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  2. Heni says:

    Sorry, one more question rrgdeaing your bottom call Bill. When you say bottom do you mean “the” bottom, intra-day bottom or 30 day bottom etc.? In other words, is there a time frame for the predictive capability of the VIX:VXV ratio?Thanks.By the way, I notice the indices are bouncing off their lows of today. Maybe your call was prescient.

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