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A group biography of James Angleton, William Bullitt, William Donovan, Allan and John Foster Dulles, Frank Wisner and the others who helped build the CIA.

"Utterly enthralling and absorbing..."
— Joe McGinniss, author of Fatal Vision

"Burton Hersh has brought to life the dark and secret world of American intelligence in its formulative years. It is a breathtakingly comprehensive piece of research and a miracle of lucid writing."
— Daniel Schorr, Senior Political Analyst for NPR

"...skillfully captures what is probably the most important conclusion to draw about Donovan, Dulles, and Wisner:...extensive research and interviews begin to yield valuable insights."
— The New York Times Book Review

Ever wonder where the CIA gets operatives for its secret operations?


"When you have shuddered your way through this book, you will have a better understanding of what Evil Incarnate means. Burton Hersh digs into the deepest recesses of the clandestine world to write a thoroughly exgrossing tale of mischief making of a high order."
— Daniel Schorr, Senior Political Analyst for NPR

You have truly captured the dark world of intrigue and crafted a splendid plot. I envy your mastery of the novel and only wish I coiuld do as well....
— John Waller, Writer; ex Inspector-General,

Winner, Trade Fiction. Writers Notes Prize, 2003
— Central Intelligence Agency
Also by Burton Hersh

Cover of Bobby and J Edgar

"I couldn't stop reading this book...." When it came to the Kennedys "I felt I already knew everything that could possibly be written....Boy! Oh boy! Was I ever wrong.... [Hersh's] take on JFK's slaying is incredible: Dramatic, startling, convincing...."
— Liz Smith, Star Columinist, New York Post, June 12, 2008

(author of The Mickey Mantle Novel):
"There are a thousand Kennedy books and hundreds of books on the FBI, and I've read a lot of them, but none has what this one has: the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. J. Edgar Hoover, the protector of our country, was no such thing, it turned out."

"Historian and journalist Hersh (The Old Boys) might well have titled his excellent book 'Collision Course,' for that is exactly what J. Edgar Hoover and the Kennedys were on from as early as the 1930's... What Hersh brings to the party is important new reseaarch and intensive analysis..."

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"With its mixture of common sense and lots of specific details, Gracious Living prescribes upbeat medicine to prepare us for the times ahead."
Peter Meinke, author of Unheard Music

Tree Farm Books is proud to announce a book for our times. More than just a book about saving money, Gracious Living on Social Security is a love story and a testament to partnership. Valerie Kent and her husband Rick prove that a golden-years marriage can be comfortable and exciting even on a fixed income. By carefully watching their money and spending time on research rather than cash on convenience, they live a comfortable life and travel well.

Gracious Living is an easy to read decade long journey that offers tips and suggestions on how senior citizens can stretch their dollar and get the most for their money. Eleven chapters cover every important aspect of living together, from the wedding preparations to where to live. Key considerations follow each chapter for quick reference: Considerations like where and when to buy clothing, choosing a place to live and juggling your finances.

Artist Jeff Nitzberg adds his unique touch with original drawings introducing each chapter.

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Now available as a Kindle eBook.

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